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WhatsApp Plus Apk is a popular app for Android that allows you to send messages. It has many features. Here You Can Download WhatsApp Plus APK 2023!!

 Anti-Ban    Auto Reply  Hide Online Status Customizations

Current Versions: v17.51

Hey, Are you searching for the most recent version of the official WhatsApp Plus Apk without any problems? Then don’t worry, we are here to help you download the latest version of WhatsApp Plus Apk.

Have you been frustrated with the WhatsApp design? Some people have had a hard time using it, while others enjoy the updates and new features. This article will show you how to download WhatsApp Plus APK which will turn your basic WhatsApp into a sleek, redesigned, futuristic app!

About WhatsApp Plus

WhatsApp Plus is a WhatsApp Mod with a lot of features. WhatsApp Plus is based on WhatsApp Messenger and has all the features of WhatsApp Messenger with some more features. it has many features that WhatsApp Messenger doesn’t have. the app has an improved version of WhatsApp Messenger.

WhatsApp Plus has the same design as WhatsApp Messenger but with some new features and improvements. this app is available for Android devices only. For iOS devices, WhatsApp Plus is not available. WhatsApp Inc did not develop WhatsApp Plus.

WhatsApp Plus APk

A third-party developer develops WhatsApp Plus. WAPlus is not affiliated with WhatsApp Inc. in any way. All your messages are end-to-end encrypted with the same protocol as WhatsApp Messenger. This means that your messages are safe and secure and can not be intercepted by anyone else.

WhatsApp Plus Apk is a better messaging app than WhatsApp Messenger because it has more features and improvements. So, if you are looking for a next-level messaging experience, then you should download the latest version of WhatsApp Plus APK on your Android device.

Why WhatsApp Plus?

There are many reasons to download WhatsApp Plus APK on your Android device. it has many features that WhatsApp Messenger doesn’t have. WhatsApp Plus is an improved version of WhatsApp Messenger with more features and improvements.

Some of the best features of WhatsApp Plus are listed below:

  • Customization: You can customize your WhatsApp Plus according to your taste. You can change the interface and themes. There are many themes available for WhatsApp Plus. You can also change the chat screen background, notification bar, and status bar.
  • Privacy: WhatsApp Plus provides more privacy options than WhatsApp Messenger. With this app, you can hide your online status, last seen, blue ticks, and second ticks. You can also set a password for your WhatsApp Plus chats.
  • Media: With WhatsApp Plus, you can send larger files of up to 50 MB. You can also set a password for your media.
  • Calls: it allows you to make HD-quality calls with crystal clear sound.

WhatsApp Plus vs WhatsApp

Whatsapp Plus, as well as WhatsApp Messenger, are both messaging apps that offer end-to-end encryption. There is a difference in the developer of the two apps. In this case, WhatsApp Messenger is developed by WhatsApp Inc., and a third-party developer develops WhatsApp Plus.

FeatureWhatsApp PlusWhatsApp
Direct Message
File Sending Limit999 MB99MB
Themes Store
Forwarding LimitUnlimited Chats5 Chats
Security Lock
Download Status
Status Length255139
Bulk Message

Features of Whatsapp Plus

There are many features of WhatsApp Plus, but we will talk about the main features of WhatsApp Plus. The first and best feature of WhatsApp Plus is that it allows you to customize your WhatsApp experience. You can customize your WhatsApp theme, chat screen, and interface according to your taste.

You can download any theme for WhatsApp Plus, and you can apply it. Plus, you can make your own themes. The second best thing about WhatsApp Plus is hiding your online status from your contacts. You can easily hide your online status from someone if you don’t want to show it.

Hiding Options

Privacy would always be a plus point on WhatsApp Plus. It contains so many hiding options unavailable on the official app, such as hiding blue tick, last seen, status seen, and online status. You can easily hide your online status from your contacts. If you don’t want to show your online status to someone, then you can easily hide your online status from that person.

Themes Support

You can choose from a lot of themes and you can download and apply any theme you want. When we were putting the above sections in order, we told you about the ways WhatsApp Plus lets you make it your own. Aside from the difficult moves, it also has huge themes that have already been made. Just put them in and use them.

Emoji Variant

Emoji Variant doesn’t refer to the bar’s emojis. This MOD offers 6+ freestyles and different emoji designs. Wanna try it? You can use these custom emojis to make your chats more interesting.


People outsource most everyday duties to AI and live wonderfully. Try it using WhatsApp Plus APK. This software has an Autoresponder that automates everything once you make specific settings.

Font Styles

People are so sick of seeing Arial online that it has become the most despised typeface in cyberspace. You can also change the font styles inside WhatsApp Plus. There are many font styles available inside WhatsApp Plus, and you can apply any font style you want.

Anti Delete Message

Yesterday, a friend of mine sent me one of his humorous photos, and I promptly deleted it without even opening it. If this happens to you frequently, you may prevent them from erasing your messages by downloading WhatsApp Plus and turning on the Anti-Delete function.

Download Status

After everything else, WhatsApp status has taken its place. We were worried about asking for friends’ and relatives’ statuses, but there’s no need to worry because WhatsApp Plus APK offers a free Download Status add-on here.

Unleash Limit

We’re techies, not regulars! Limits are the most irritating. Keeping that in mind, WhatsApp Plus delivers you higher, merely no limits on forwarding messages, image quality, quantity, and video size. Share with an open heart!

DND Mode

WhatsApp Plus has a DND (Do Not Disturb) mode that allows you to stop receiving messages and calls from WhatsApp. This is a very useful feature if you want to focus on your work or studies.

WhatsApp Lock

A WhatsApp lock has been added to the app interface to keep security at the highest level. As WhatsApp Plus APK support PIN, Pattern, and Fingerprint access, those without smartphones equipped with App Lock won’t need to download a third-party app.

More Features

This does not mean that we have finished telling you about the ten ultimate features of WhatsApp Plus. When you talk about the features of WhatsApp Plus, there’s no limit. Check out some more awesome features PLUS has to offer.


 Typing Status


 Support Data Backup

 Hide Online Status

 Scheduling Messages


 Theme Store

 Stickers & Emoji

 Fingerprint Lock

 Auto Reply

 Material Design UI

Some Advance Settings

  • Customization of the chat screen.
  • Customization to widgets.
  • Share high-quality images.
  • Allows you to lock WhatsApp.


  • You can manage the online status visibility.
  • Increased character limit in status.
  • Manage last seen, hide blue tick, double tick.
  • It provides huge options for themes, stickers, emoticons, and wallpaper.
  • Auto reply for the personal WhatsApp account as well.
  • It has an Anti-ban feature.


  • Enable downloading from unknown sources.
  • Android 5.0 and above.
  • Android emulator for PC.

Download WhatsApp Plus Apk

The only reason you’ll put WhatsApp Plus 2023 on your phone is for instant messaging. So why would we make things hard if we want to do something so simple? So, you can just follow the steps below to install this WhatsApp MOD on your phone using the standard installation process.

Whatsapp Plus
App NameWhatsApp Plus
Size56 MB
Based On2.22.10.73
Total Downloads10,00,000+
Requires Android5.0+
Last Updated1 day ago
Join On Telegram

Now, we will talk about how to download WhatsApp Plus APK on your Android device.

  • First of all, you need to WhatsApp plus apk download 2023 files from our website.
  • Make sure to download latest version of WhatsApp Plus APK.
  • Once you have downloaded the APK file, you need to install it on your Android device.

Follow these steps to install WhatsApp Plus APK on your Android device:

  • Go to Settings > Security and enable “Unknown Sources.” This will allow you to
  • Install the WhatsApp Plus APK on your Android device.
  • Now, open the WhatsApp Plus APK file and tap on Install.
  • Once the installation is complete, open WhatsApp Plus and verify your number.
  • That’s it! You have successfully installed the WhatsApp Plus APK on your Android device.

Older Versions

Download v9.30 Download v9.30 Download v15 Download v14 Download v14.10

Steps to Switch from WhatsApp to WhatsApp Plus

We know how challenging WhatsApp Plus is, but it’s important to know how to switch from the official WhatsApp app to WhatsApp Plus without losing your data. This step is important if you want to avoid issues in the future.

So let’s not waste any more time and get started:

Step 1: Create a WhatsApp backup

Create a WhatsApp backup

Google Drive is one way to back up WhatsApp data. Click WhatsApp’s top-right three-dot button to launch Settings. Later, in Chats, click Chat Backup and create a backup online.

Next, use Dr.Fone to build a WhatsApp Plus backup. It’s a PC app.

Step 2: Backup WhatsApp on PC

After installing Dr.Fone on your PC, connect your smartphone via USB. After connecting your phone, run Dr. Fone as an administrator and click WhatsApp Transfer. Follow the on-screen instructions to start the data backup.

Backup WhatsApp on PC

Step 3: Download and install WhatsApp Plus APK.

If you’ve backed up your WhatsApp conversations, database, and media files to your computer, click the top download button to download WhatsApp Plus APK. The download is quick, so install it on your phone using the default method.

Download WhatsApp Plus

Step 4: Restore WhatsApp Plus data

That’s the final step to converting to WhatsApp Plus. Connect your phone to your PC and open Dr.Fone. You must click Restore WhatsApp instead of generating a backup to paste all the data on the Plus version.

If you’re looking for a more feature-rich and customizable WhatsApp experience, you might want to switch to WhatsApp Plus.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to do it:

  1. Download WhatsApp plus apk latest version from the WAPlus.VIP website.
  2. Once the app is installed, open it and tap on the “Agree and Continue” button.
  3. You’ll be prompted to enter your phone number. Once you do so, tap on the “Continue” button.
  4. WhatsApp Plus will now generate a 6-digit code which you’ll need to enter in the next step.
  5. Open up the regular WhatsApp app and go to Settings > Account > Change Number.
  6. Enter your old phone number in the first field and your new phone number in the second field. Tap on the “Done” button when you’re finished.
  7. You’ll now see a pop-up asking if you want to migrate your data from WhatsApp to WhatsApp Plus. Tap on the “Continue” button to do so.
  8. That’s it! You should now be using WhatsApp Plus Apk with all your old data intact. Enjoy!

Switching from WhatsApp to WhatsApp Plus is easy and only takes a few minutes. You’ll be glad you made the switch once you start using all the new features and customization options that has to offer.

Download WhatsApp Plus For PC

If you’re looking for an even more enhanced WhatsApp experience, downloading WhatsApp Plus for PC is a great option. Not only do you get all of the great features that are available on the mobile version, but you also get the added benefit of being able to use it on your computer or laptop.

This means that you can have multiple WhatsApp accounts open at the same time and easily switch between them without having to log out and back in again. You can also take advantage of keyboard shortcuts and other productivity-boosting features that are not available on the mobile app.

So if you’re looking for an even better way to stay connected with your friends and family, downloading WhatsApp Plus for PC is definitely worth considering.

How to Install on PC?

About WhatsApp Plus Developers

WhatsApp Plus Developers is a group of independent developers who are responsible for the development and maintenance of WhatsApp Plus. It offers a number of features and customization options that are not available in the original WhatsApp app.

Rafalete, a veteran XDA member, created WhatsApp Plus. this isn’t a single Android app; it contains three MODs from AlexMods, Fouad Mods, and HeyMods.

WhatsApp Plus By AlexMods:

AlexMods is one of the most popular Android app development communities. They have developed many MODs and apps, which are widely used by Android users. One of their most popular apps is WhatsApp Plus APK.

The WhatsApp Plus APK adds many new and improved features to the WhatsApp messaging app.

Some of these features include:

  • The ability to customize the look and feel of WhatsApp, including the ability to change the colors and themes of the app
  • The ability to hide your online status from certain people
  • The ability to send larger files and videos
  • The ability to schedule messages to be sent at a later time
  • And much more!

If you’re looking for an improved and more customizable WhatsApp experience, then look no further than the WhatsApp Plus APK by AlexMods.

Blue WhatsApp Plus By Fouad Mods:

Looking for a WhatsApp Plus APK that offers more features and a new look? Look no further than the Blue WhatsApp Plus APK by Fouad Mods.

Fouad Mods is known for creating some of the most popular MODs for Android, and WhatsApp Plus is no exception. With this APK, you’ll get access to more features and a completely new look for WhatsApp.

Some of the features that you’ll get with this APK include:

  • A new interface that is based on Material Design principles
  • The ability to change the size of your chat bubbles
  • More privacy options, including the ability to hide your online status and last seen
  • The ability to send larger files, up to 100 MB
  • And much more!

So if you’re looking for a WhatsApp Plus APK that offers more features and a fresh look, be sure to check out the Blue WhatsApp Plus APK by Fouad Mods.

WhatsApp Plus By HeyMods:

WhatsApp Plus APK Download by HeyMods is a good Android app that allows you to customize your WhatsApp experience according to your own needs and preferences. It also comes with additional privacy features not found in the original WhatsApp messenger.

However, one downside of this app is that it contains online advertisements, which can be quite intrusive and disrupt your messaging experience.

Some of the features that you’ll get with this APK include:

  • A customizable user interface that lets you change the colors, fonts, and other visual elements of the app to suit your taste.
  • More privacy options, such as the ability to hide your online status and last seen timestamp.
  • The ability to send larger media files than what is allowed in WhatsApp.
  • No need for root access to install the app.

If you’re looking for a more personalized and privacy-focused WhatsApp experience, then downloading WhatsApp Plus APK from HeyMods is definitely worth considering.

Note: Just be aware of the online ads if you decide to go ahead with this option.

Disadvantages of using Whatsapp Plus MOD

WhatsApp Plus MOD is a version of WhatsApp Messenger that has been changed to include features that aren’t in the official app. While it may offer some benefits, there are also some disadvantages to using this app.

One of the main disadvantages of using WhatsApp Plus MOD is that it is not an official app. This means that WhatsApp doesn’t support it and it doesn’t have to follow the same rules about security and privacy as the official app.

One more problem with WhatsApp Plus MOD is that it might not work on all devices. Some devices might not be able to run the app correctly, or installing it might not work.

Additionally, WhatsApp MOD may not be available in all countries. This means that users in some countries may not be able to use the app.

Finally, WhatsApp Plus MOD may not offer the same level of customer support as the official app. If there are problems with the app, it is likely that they will not be resolved as quickly as they would be with the official app.

Despite these disadvantages, WhatsApp Plus MOD can still be a useful tool for some users. It can provide additional features and functionality not available in the official app. However, it is important to weigh the pros and cons of using this app before deciding whether or not to use it.

Is WhatsApp Plus APK Safe to Use on Android?

Yes, WhatsApp Plus APK is safe to use on Android. This is because the app is based on the original WhatsApp code and has been heavily modified to add new features. However, because it is not an official WhatsApp app, it is not available on the Google Play Store.

This means that you will need to download it from a third-party website. We recommend that you only download WhatsApp Plus APK from a trusted source to avoid any potential security risks.

Is WhatsApp Plus for iOS (iPhone and iPad)?

No, WhatsApp Plus is not available for iOS (iPhone and iPad). Even though there are many websites that claim to offer the app for download, we would advise against downloading it as it is not an official app and could pose a security risk.

If you’re using an iPhone or iPad, we recommend sticking with the regular WhatsApp app.


Whatsapp Plus InfoGraphics


I’m a social media lover and use various messenger apps, but after using WhatsApp Plus with all the new & awesome features I’m in love with this app.

Eleanor G. Corrado

It provides all those features I’m searching for in a messaging platform, this application is highly recommended and has all the functions one could wish for.

Gabriel Santos
Senior Tech

A modded version always provides some extra features and WhatsApp Plus is also doing the same, it gives features like status hide, bluetick hide, etc.

Carlos Souza

People Also Ask

How do I Download WhatsApp Plus?

You can get WhatsApp Plus from our website.

Is WhatsApp Plus safe to use on Android?

WhatsApp Plus has been around for over 3 years, and it’s well trusted and used by many. One of the advantages of WhatsApp Plus is that it’s an entirely independent app, so it doesn’t use the same permissions as WhatsApp does.

How do I Install WhatsApp Plus?

You can download and install WhatsApp Plus here.

Does WhatsApp Plus work on the iPhone?

Absolutely not!, it does. WhatsApp Plus is an iOS app that can run in the background of your iPhone. This app is an alternative to WhatsApp.

Can WhatsApp Plus be banned?

WhatsApp Plus cannot be banned because it is legal, and is not distributed by WhatsApp.

What is WhatsApp Plus Web?

WhatsApp Plus Web is a web application that allows users to access WhatsApp faster. The current official version is a beta version that can be accessed from a browser.

Why is WhatsApp Plus not found in the Play Store?

WhatsApp Plus is not yet available in the Play Store. We’re working to bring it soon.

Is it possible to install WhatsApp Plus without verification?

No, it is not possible to install WhatsApp Plus without verification.

Can I keep both WhatsApp and WhatsApp Plus both installed together?

No. You can’t install two apps with the same package name on Android OS. Here, WhatsApp is both packages, and you can only keep one.

Is WhatsApp Plus developed by WhatsApp company?

No, WhatsApp Plus is developed and maintained itself.

How can I protect WhatsApp Plus chats?

You can secure your WhatsApp or your chat contacts by adding a password.

Will I Be Banned if I Use WhatsApp Plus?

Absolutely Not! WhatsApp Plus is completely safe to use, and you will not get banned if you install this application.

Where can I find more themes on WhatsApp Plus?

You can find more themes here.

Is WhatsApp Plus available for iOS, Windows, and BlackBerry devices as well?

Nope! If you’re asking about these smartphones, WhatsApp Plus APK isn’t yet developed for these smartphones.

How to update the Whatsapp app?

The latest version is automatically downloaded and installed when you from our website


WhatsApp Plus APK, the best WhatsApp MOD, officially includes all of the following features. After using this app, you’ll have access to genuine WhatsApp servers, including privacy add-ons, customization choices, preset themes, and other stunning features.

It has obvious drawbacks, which we described above. If you think this app will improve your WhatsApp and instant messaging service better, download WA Plus APK as soon as possible.

So, this was a detailed article about WhatsApp Plus APK and its features. I hope you found this article helpful. If you have any questions, feel free to ask them in the comments section below.

Thanks for reading! 🙂